Swimming Pool heater and how it works

Do you need the most efficient pool heater?

Have you ever used swimming pool heater before? Or are you thinking of using it? This article is meant to explain the real meaning of swimming pool heater, how it works and of course why it is the best option for pool owners.

I have benefited from it over the years, I am still benefiting from it, and I have seen thousands of people enjoying it today. I have also read a lot of reviews online, where people are expressing their delight over the swimming pool heater. Because of this, I think I am in the right position to talk about it.

Before you decide to buy a heating system for your swimming pool, you must as a matter of necessity, decide the right one for you.

So, you need to choose the one that is suitable for your budget. In this article, we are going to give you a clue about solar swimming pool heater. You can buy it either from the official website or from online retail sites like Amazon, eBay and so on. It is essentially designed for pool owners or pool lovers.

What is a solar heater?

A solar heater is used to heat your swimming pool; the water can be pumped via a filter. It captures debris and dirt so as to prevent backup and clogging. The water then heats after travelling via a solar collector.

The water will come back to the pool warm after exiting the solar collectors. Pool owners can also used a solar heater to cool their swimming pools at night- this can be done by circulating the water via a solar collector during the night.

Benefits of solar swimming pool heater

Solar heaters provide the same benefits like heat pumps. A solar heat makes use of transferred heat; it is energy-efficient and assists the environment.

Users don’t have employ any additional energy before using them, because they can work perfectly well with every swimming pool pump.

Other exciting benefits includes but not limited to:

  • Long lifespan
  • Small environmental footprint, and
  • Low operating costs

Some few reservations about solar pool heat

Solar heat makes use of solar energy; this means that it gets heat directly from the sun.

If it did not receive any heat, it can’t heat your swimming pool. This implies that its proficiency and effectiveness depends mainly on the atmospheric weather conditions.

Without sunlight, there will not be any sufficient light to heat your swimming pool. In this case, pool owners will be required to buy gas heater or heat pump in order to be able to heat their swimming pools during cloudy days and at night. However if your pool is used only on occasion and you don’t need constant heating, gas pool heaters like these are a great solution for your pool as they are cheaper up front and can get your pool heated for when you do use it.

Other disadvantages of solar pool heater include:

  • High purchase costs
  • Slow heating, and
  • Size of solar collectors


At this juncture, we hope you have gotten an idea of how it works. When considering a new pool or updating your existing, this pool heating Sydney store can provide the service you need for solar heating your pool. Also, we would love to hear your own story.

Swimming pool heater remains a better option for pool owners. There are so many advantages associated with it. We have tried in this article to identify some of them, and on a final note it is worth mentioning that heating your pool can be a costly exercise if you do it regularly, keep the heat in and cleaning costs down with swimming pool covers and blankets. Covering them when you are finished using them can keep your pool requiring less maintenance.